Construction Management

As the Construction Manager, Medows Construction, Inc. contracts with the Owner to manage and oversee the planning, design and construction processes. Services include subcontractor verification, contract awarding, material procurement, schedule monitoring, production reporting and budgetary cost analysis. We do not hold subcontracts, but manage the project as a General Contractor would. All subcontractors will still need to be licensed and have general liability insurance, workers compensation, and follow all mandatory requirements set by Medows Construction, Inc. Medows Construction, Inc.’s additional liability insurance does not apply in this scenario, which reduces the total cost of services to the owner.

  • Permits and requirements of authorities having jurisdiction over project development
  • Material procurement
  • Cost and schedule monitoring
  • Production reporting and budgetary cost analysis
  • Development of the construction project
  • Implementing and maintaining a construction schedule
  • Maintaining quality control
  • Job site safety